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As CIOs work to quickly develop a Generative AI strategy for both their internal IT organizations and in the wider business, CIO.com will be there to help them make smart technology decisions.

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Generative AI is becoming a core technology within cybersecurity. From automating tasks to enhancing the ability to identify and mitigate threats. At the same time, threat actors are using AI for similar reasons and CSO is covering the darker side of generative AI as well.

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As AI and the enterprise collide, Computerworld guides IT professionals from C-suite leaders to practitioners in forming their AI strategies and day-to-day functions in a compliant, ethical, and agile fashion.

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The most comprehensive coverage and evaluation of AI code generating tools, assistants, and cloud-based tools for developing LLM-based and other AI applications.

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As AI changes the way networking leaders structure their teams, work with their tools, and infiltrate the organization, Network World prepares today’s engineers and IT leaders with the practical guidance needed to navigate the infrastructure of tomorrow.

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Foundry reaches the most influential tech buyers in an environment they trust. Our B2B brands address all 25 members of the IT buying team with quality content that’s tailored to their individual business needs.

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A weekly newsletter deployed every Tuesday featuring news, analysis and insights for IT leaders navigating the risks and rewards of AI.

AI Leadership Event

Foundry’s AI Leadership Summit will educate and guide IT professionals on how to build a responsible AI strategy focused on data security and IP protection.

Today in Tech video show

Host Keith Shaw and guest experts provide analysis, opinions and discussions around the hottest tech news and trends, including AI, each week.

CIO Leadership Live video show

Host Maryfran Johnson conducts live video interviews
with prominent CIOs from around the U.S. on emerging tech, innovation, digital transformation, business strategy, and leadership during CIO Leadership Live.

Gen AI Think Tank

Foundry’s Gen AI Think Tank provides a powerful opportunity for you to join and shape the conversation around Gen AI and how this technology is transforming the business world.

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