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As your partner programs grow, they become more complex. We help craft, execute, and measure them, working hand-in-hand with your team to deliver targeted, customized activity that can scale.

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We offer a unique experience in helping to craft, execute, and measure partner programs. Through our dedicated practice, we work hand in hand with your team to deliver custom programs that can scale while still precisely targeting your audience.

  • Deep domain expertise
  • Experienced people
  • Dedicated practice
  • Global reach

Explore how Foundry’s Global Partner Solutions practice is helping technology partner marketers scale results across a variety of partner initiatives.

Partner marketing insights

Aimee Catalano and her team thrive on teamwork and working strategically with partners and customers to achieve fast-paced growth for Google Cloud year over year. Foundry’s Global Chief Revenue Officer, Matt Yorke, sat down with Aimee to learn more about how her partner marketing insights and strategies can help other partner marketers achieve results.

We can work with you in three ways:

Global strategic alliances

Delivering fully integrated branding, thought leadership and demand generation at a global scale.

Unified multi-partner experiences

Take back control and deliver consistent results through a unified partner experience.

Scalable individual partner programs

Delivering scale across dozens, hundreds, and thousands of partners to help maximize partner pipeline and results.

Foundry delivers outcomes at scale

No matter the campaign or your marketing objectives, Foundry’s dedicated team delivers. We take all the different possible pieces and pull them into a custom solution, tailored to you and your partner’s needs, and powered by our first-party data.

  • Global scalability
  • Quality editorial brands
  • Trusted first-party data
  • Martech solutions
  • Brand-to-demand experience
  • Ease of execution

The value of partner marketing is on the rise

88% of marketers view partner marketing as a necessary marketing tactic. Foundry’s 2022 Partner Marketing research helps define the value of partner marketing along with the benefits and challenges that marketers experience.

A total of 379 respondents, all involved in making partner marketing decisions for their tech organizations, shared their experiences to help us better understand partner marketing efforts within the technology industry, associated benefits and challenges, and budgetary trends to provide actionable advice for partner marketers.

“Foundry is, by far, my favorite media partner.  I bring Foundry in early to help develop our co-marketing strategy, then lean on them to drive and program manage the activities, at scale with multiple partners around the globe, delivering quality leads and results which further encourages my partners to continue to work with them beyond our co-marketing efforts.”

— Billie Goldman, Partner Marketing Unicorn, Intel


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Foundry intent supports Foundry advertising with precise contact-level targeting that places your messaging in front of buyers exactly when and where it will have the greatest impact.

Lead generation

Give lead generation campaigns a lift with dynamic advertising that builds relevant awareness and yields better performance for all your demand efforts.


Surround the buying committee and connect the dots between ad impact, page views, and pipeline.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is partner marketing?

    Partner marketing is a form of co-marketing where two or more businesses work together to promote each other’s products or services. This can include joint promotions, cross-selling, and affiliate marketing.

  • Why is partner marketing important?

    Partner marketing allows businesses to tap into new audiences and expand their reach. It also allows businesses to leverage the expertise and resources of their partners to create more effective marketing campaigns.

  • How do I find the right partners for my business?

    When looking for partners, it’s important to find businesses that complement your own. Look for businesses that serve similar audiences or offer complementary products or services. Consider businesses that have a strong reputation and a history of successful partnerships.

  • How do I structure a partner marketing agreement

    Partner marketing agreements should clearly outline the goals, responsibilities, and expectations of both parties. Include details on how the partnership will be promoted, how leads will be shared, and how success will be measured. It’s also important to set clear terms for compensation and to establish a for resolving any disputes that may arise.

  • How do I measure the success of a partner marketing campaign?

    Measuring the success of a partner marketing campaign can be challenging. Some key metrics to consider include the number of leads generated, the number of conversions, and the return on investment. It’s also important to consider the long-term value of the partnership, such as increased brand awareness and customer loyalty.