Foundry ABM Software (formerly Triblio)

The account-based orchestration platform

Together, sales and marketing can predict and grow pipeline through intent and account-based orchestration campaigns – resulting in more deals won.

Grow your pipeline with a leader in account-based orchestration

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to see why Foundry ABM software is consistently named a market leader in Account-Based Orchestration Platforms.

Foundry Sales Acceleration

Save time researching accounts, spend time closing. Foundry Sales Acceleration, powered by Triblio, allows your salespeople to surface the best contacts and topics to discuss – all in your CRM.

ABM & Intent Case Study

Reach and engage buyers across channels

Activate cross-channel campaigns including advertising, website personalization, 1:1 landing pages, and more.

ABM for sales - lead scoring, sales activation

Drive demand from in-market accounts

Identify the best accounts that are most likely to purchase and drive new opportunities for sales. Foundry is the only ABM platform with proprietary, human verified intent data and AI scoring that takes away the guesswork of prospecting, accelerates pipeline and unlocks deals.

ABM & Intent - cross channel activation

Surround early-stage buyers on any channel

Increase awareness and drive engagement with your prospects across all channels throughout their journey down the funnel. Foundry activates cross channel campaigns that include personalization, advertising, and intent based sales plays. Foundry’s social media integrations, powered by Triblio, allow you to keep your brand top of mind for prospects throughout their day.

ABM for Marketers - ABM orchestration

Drive conversions with automated buyers journeys

Orchestrate multi-channel, multi-stage campaigns to seamlessly lead prospects through a smooth buyers journey. Create intent-triggered automated campaigns that include personalization, display advertising across the web and social media and nurture buyers to a point where sales can reach out with the best messaging.

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Generate more revenue with sales activation

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Frequently asked questions

  • How does account-based orchestration work?

    Account-based orchestration allows you to automate each stage of a cross-channel campaign from one command center, including triggering display and social advertising, sales activation, actions within your CRM, website personalization, and the creation of 1:1 Smart Pages. With these features at your fingertips, you can run powerful personalized campaigns to your top accounts, fully automated.

  • I already use an ABM platform, how is Foundry different?

    Foundry brings together an impressive suite of account-based marketing tools with Foundry intent data, giving you the tactics, data, and scale to reach and convert your top accounts. While many account-based marketing platforms require the addition of other vendors for personalization, or intent data, Foundry brings your account-based marketing tools in one place with the data to power your campaigns.

  • Does Foundry integrate with my existing Martech tools?

    Foundry integrates with top CRM and marketing automation platforms including Salesforce, HubSpot, SugarCRM, Marketo, and more.

  • I’m already a Foundry customer, how can Foundry ABM software help?

    We’re here to enable your account-based marketing strategy at scale. Combine intent data with advertising, sales activation website personalization, 1:1 Smart Pages, and more, all in one place. To learn more, .

  • What’s the pricing for Foundry ABM software?

Grow your pipeline with the Foundry ABM platform, powered by Triblio