It is no secret that partner marketing is complex – the inherent interdependencies among partners, the sheer number of partners working together, and competing priorities all add to the complexity – so hopefully the rewards make the efforts worth it all. Understanding what your peers at other tech companies are focusing their partner marketing efforts on can help make some sense of it all, and improve your efforts. That is precisely why this 3rd version of the Foundry Partner Marketing survey was conducted.

A total of 379 respondents, all involved in making partner marketing decisions for their tech organizations, shared their experience to help us better understand partner marketing efforts within the technology industry, associated benefits and challenges, and budgetary trends with the goal of providing actionable advice for partner marketers regarding those efforts.

Key Takeaways:

  • Partner marketing is complex, and competing priorities, misaligned goals, and lack of partner commitment can feed into that complexity.

  • The number of technology partners organizations are working with is on the rise (129 in 2022 vs 115 in 2019) but there is a decrease in the number of system integrator partners and channel/reseller partners.

  • Budgets ​reflect the ​value placed ​on partner marketing – 73% expect to increase their budges (up from 68% in 2019).​

  • Strong partner relationships are essential but not easy – 59% of executives use strong partner relations as a measure of success. ​

  • If you don’t have a documented strategy, create one.​ 76% of companies with a documented strategy plan ​to increase their budgets over the next 24 months (compared ​
    to 48% of those without a ​strategy in place).​

  • Need more reasons for a documented strategy? Lack of resources was cited as a top challenge by 36% of those without a strategy (compared to 22% of those with a documented strategy).​

View the sample slides below for additional insight and to better understand how this data can help as you build out your strategies for 2023 and beyond. To request a meeting with a Foundry sales executive to walk through the full study, including data cuts customized by company size and geographic region (NA, EMEA, APAC), please complete the form to the right.